flash animation Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka © BBC / Cosgrove-Hall
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Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka

England 2003, and a strange meteor lands in the countryside. Three weeks later The Doctor arrives in the town of Lancashire and soon realizes that something is amiss. Reluctantly he starts to investigate and finds that the townsfolk are suffering from some sort of apathy, shut of from the rest of the country and petrified by something unseen. When the doctor hears a ear-piercing scream and finds the solidified remains of something that was once human; he sets about calling on the one person who showed a little courage.

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Having never previously seen any Doctor Who that I can recall, I had little to found my experience on when watching this. However, I am a die-hard fan of science...
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When you think of web animations, you probably expect a short piece (or a series of shorts), most likely somewhat comedic and quite short: four, five minutes at the most...
Created by: BBC, Cosgrove-Hall
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
Richard E. Grant ... The Doctor
Sophie Okonedo ... Alison Cheney
Derek Jacobi ... The Master
Diana Quick ... Prime
Jim Norton ... Maj. Thomas Kennet
Directed by: Wilson Milam
Produced by: Muirinn Lane Kelly
Executive Producers: Mario Dubois, James Goss and Martin Trickey
Musical Score by: Russell Stone
Theme Music by: Ron Grainer
Writing Credits: Paul Cornell

flash animation Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka © BBC / Cosgrove-HallThis “Webcast” was a pilot for a potential new animated series to bring The Doctor back from retirement. However the project became obsolete after the plans for the new television series of Doctor Who started to begin forming: this series (starring Christoper Eccleston as the ninth Doctor: now David Tennant as the Tenth) came into fruition in March of 2005.

There are two other ‘webcasts’ of The Doctor’s adventures on the website: Shada and Real Time. Both are more along the lines of illustrated radio, with still images rather than actual animations. Shada was the last Doctor Who story written by Douglas Adams, writer of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy,” originally written for the forth Doctor(Tom Baker): it was adapted for the eighth Doctor (Paul McGann).

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