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Based on the hit comic strip series, Dilbert is a simple engineer who battles against the mundane insanities of incompetent bosses, crazy company personnel and cubicle prisons. He is joined by Dogbert--a dog without morals, Catbert--the evil H.R. director, Wally--the company slacker, Alice--the irate and many, many other wildly outrageous and yet strangely familiar characters...

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The sharp parodying of corporate life seen in the comic strip went flat in the transition to an animated series, and it didn't take long for me to get bored...
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I wanted to like this show. The comic strip is usually great. But the show was just sort of blah. It got canceled and I didn't care....
Created by: Columbia TriStar Television
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Daniel Stern ... Dilbert
Chris Elliott ... Dogbert
Kathy Griffin ... Alice
Larry Miller ... Pointy-Haired Boss
Gordon Hunt ... Wally
Jason Alexander ... Catbert
Tom Kenny ... Asok, Ratbert
Jim Wise ... Loud Howard
Gary Kroeger ... The Marketing Guy
Maurice LaMarche ... The Garbageman
Jackie Hoffman ... Dilmom
Featuring guest appearances by:
Wayne Knight ... Path-E-Tech Secuirty Guard
Jeri Ryan ... The Seven of Nine alarm clock
Jerry Seinfeld ... Comp-U-Comp
Based on: the comic strip by Scott Adams
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