animated series Digimon: Digital Monsters © Toei Animation / Saban / Sensation Animation
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Digimon: Digital Monsters

Seven young kids find themselves lost in the digital world, a world facing a dire threat. They are the digi-destined, who can save the digital world from Devimonís corrupting black gears and the almighty Miortismon. To this end they each of the destined are teamed up with their own personalized digimon and set of on the long, hard journey ahead. As they travel they learn the ways of the digital world, gain the trust of their new digimon friends and build the confidence and knowledge to stand up to adversity and digivolve into champions.

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As a Pokemon fan, I thought I would check out another good anime that was released around the same time period that featured human characters and their monster companions. I've...
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Ah yes, Digimon. One of my first real fan-obsessions as an anime otaku. When the show first came to the US, I thought the dub was crap, but I really got...
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Ok I must admit I like this series much better than Pokemon anyway. The story is easy to follow bearing in mind this is made for kids. Though I do have...
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this show is much better than the pokemon and sonic x anime the story is great the human characters are very likeable unlike the ones in sonic x. and the...
Created by: Toei Animation, Saban, Sensation Animation
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Japan / France
Featuring the voices of:
Brian Beacock ... Takato Matsuda (2001-2002)
Joshua Seth ... Tai Kamiya (1999-2000)
Melissa Charles ... Rika Nonaka, Narrrator
Michael Reisz ... Matt Ishida, Takura Kanbara, Agunimon
Colleen O'Shaughnessey ... Sora Takenouchi
Dave Wittenberg ... Henry Wong (2001-2002)
Steven Jay Blum ... Guilmon, Kenta, J.P. Shibayama, Beetlemon
Michelle Ruff ... Lopmon, Zoe Orimoto
Jane Alan ... Renamon
Michael Lindsay ... Joe Kido
Wendee Lee ... TK Takaishi, Marine Angemon
Mona Marshall ... Izzy Izumi, Terriermon
Brianne Siddall ... Tommy Himi, Kumamon
Derek Stephen Prince ... Ken Ichijouji, Veemon
Philece Sampler ... Mimi Tachikawa, Cody Hida
Kirk Thornton ... Gabumon
Lara Jill Miller ... Kari Kamiya
Tifanie Christun ... Biyomon, Yolei Inoue
Tom Fahn ... Agumon
Peggy O'Neal ... Suzie Wong
Brad MacDonald ... Kazu (2001-2003)
Jeff Nimoy ... Tentomon
Brian Donovan ... Davis Motomiya, Narrator (2001-02)
Anna Garduno ... Palmon
R. Martin Klein ... Gomamon
Steve Staley ... Koji Minamoto, Lobomon, Kazemon
Laura Summer ... Patamon
Robert Axelrod ... Armadillomon
Doug Erholtz ... TK Takashi (2000-2001)
Edie Mirman ... Gatomon
Directed by: Wendee Lee, Chiaki Konaka, Jeff Nimoy, Mamoru Hosoda, Minoru Hosoda, Shigeyasu Yamauchi and Michael Sorich
Produced by: Terri-Lei O'Malley
Executive Producers: Dana C. Booton and Eric S. Rollman
Musical Score by: Udi Harpaz, Deddy Tzur and Glenn Scott Lacey
Theme Music by: Chris Horvath
Writing Credits: Rebecca Forstadt, Bob Buchholz, Michael McConnohie, Jeff Nimoy, Craig Doyle, Charlotte Fullerton, Adele Lim, Terri-Lei O'Malley and Seth Walther

The four seasons that made up this series each had a different set of young heroes (or digi-destined as they were known), new enemies and digimon. The third season set the digital world as not a parallel world but as a virtual reality game (in a similar vein to the MMORPG computer game genre), but one which causalities could still affect the real world. The fourth season, rather than hold on to the set traditions of the previous seasons; combined the digi-destined and the digimon so that they became the same entity and digivolve themselves. Even so, references to the previous heroes (and especially the originals) would crop up during the animťís entire run.

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