animated series Dennis the Menace (UK) © BBC
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Dennis the Menace (UK)

Dennis lives in Beanotown and loves causing chaos with his pet Gnasher and his two best friends Curly and Pieface. Whether it picking on Walter and his band of softies, spreading mayhem around town; or causing problems for his ever suffering father, he is always there with a prank or pitfall ready.

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Ghastly rubbish. Look, this is the sort of thing I used to moan on about re English things such as Beano, Cor, Whizzer and Chips et al, and which was...
Created by: BBC
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Directed by: Tony Collingwood
Executive Producers: Christopher O'Hare
Musical Score by: Roger Jackson (II)
Based on: Characters designed by David Law and appearing in the Beano.

Early comic of Dennis the Menace © D. C. Thomson & Co. LtdThe UK’s black-haired Dennis the Menace first appeared in the Beano comics on March 17th 1951, Six days after Hank Ketcham’s (the USA’s) version of Dennis debuted. The UK’s Dennis was designed by David Law.

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