flash animation Decline of Video Gaming © Double Helix / Super Flash Bros
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Decline of Video Gaming

Flash series that follows a group of gamers as they discuss hot new titles such as "Grand Theft Auto Traffic Jam", "Tomb Raider: At Least It's Better than the Films" and "Mario Accountancy" whilst incurring the wrath of Japanese software developers.

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POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD. Excellent. Brilliant. Well done. Those are the words to describe these actually quite long web shorts. Though the third one is 15 minutes long, in manages very well to...
Created by: Double Helix, Super Flash Bros
Language: English / English subtitled
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
Adam Vian ... Dim, Tommy Vercetti, Tom Fulp, Guy from crowd
Dan ... Dan
JT ... JT, Snake (episode 1), Raiden, Chris Redfield, Tidus, Auron
Arin Hanson ... Head of Capcom, head of Square-Enix, head of Konami, Shigeru Miyamoto, Santa, Steve Ennox, Snake (episode 3), Nightmare, Hideo Kojima
Joanime ... Rebecca Chambers, Eva, Samus
Sophie ... Lara Croft, Sophie, Navi
Ben ... Otacon
James Dawson-Murray ... Edwardo Rastapoppilis, JJ
Tom Vian ... Tom
Andrew ... Kyle
Joseph Blanchette ... Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Minish Cap
Steve ... Ken Kutagari
Fletch ... Prince of Persia
Directed by: Adam Vian
Writing Credits: Adam Vian, Dan, JT, Arin Hanson, Tom Vian and Paul Coskun
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