animated series Danger Mouse © Cosgrove-Hall / Thames Television
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Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse is a suave British secret agent based in large part on Patrick McGoohan in 'Danger Man' ('Secret Agent' in the US), though other elements of the show obviously derive from 007. Living in a red mailbox on a London street, he and his eternally nervous sidekick Penfold the hamster are summoned by Colonel K for secret missions which usually involve thwarting the evil toad Silas Greenback from some plot involving world domination.

see also: Count Duckula (TV Series) and Danger Mouse (2015) (TV Series)
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I had watched this show - well the first five episodes on YouTube, and already I love this show! I'm starting to like the espionage motif. And already I...
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This emphatically British series still has a considerable fanbase in the USA, long after it went out of production. The first British animated series to be syndicated across the US,...
Created by: Cosgrove-Hall, Thames Television
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
David Jason ... Danger Mouse, Count Duckula, Narrator, Grovel, Buggles Pigeon, Nero (sounds)
Terry Scott ... Penfold, Leatherhead
Edward Kelsey ... Baron Silas Greenback, Colonel K, Professor Henrich Von Squawkencluck
Brian Trueman ... Stiletto, J. J. Quark, El Loco, Penfold's Aunt
Jimmy Hibbert ... Augustus P. Crumhorn III
Directed by: Brian Cosgrove
Produced by: Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall
Musical Score by: Mike Harding

animated series Danger Mouse © Cosgrove-Hall / Thames TelevisionThe first UK cartoon series to be syndicated coast-to-coast in the USA (on Nickelodeon).

Originally 5 minute serialised episodes in the UK, the US version consisted of two episodes joined together into one 10 minute story. The UK later adopted this format, and in the 1990's actually went to a 30 minute episode format.

The part of Stiletto was re-dubbed for the US version, changing his Italian accent to Cockney. This may be just about the only instance of a voice being changed to an English accent for US release!

From the creators of 'Count Duckula', who debuts in the Danger Mouse episode "The Four Tasks of Danger Mouse".

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