animated series Dai-Guard © Xebec / Victor Entertainment Inc. / Sotsu Agency
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Twelve years ago, strange creatures called Heterodynes attacked Japan. In response to this threat the government contracted the construction of a giant defense mech. However, when the robot was finally completed, the Heterodyne threat had disappeared. The expensive robot was sold off to a defense corporation and became a mere tourist attraction and PR toolů

How the Heterodyne have suddenly reappeared and three undisciplined, part-time trainee pilots/full time PR office clerks, with no real battle experience, go against their superiors orders and engage the foe. With no regard for their careers, or the cost of repairs and damage claims, they aim to do what is right. But between their own corporationĺs board members bickering over the costs of operations and the fact that their reckless heroism makes the Japanese military look bad; just how long can they keep their jobs, let alone the world safe?

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To be frank, I didn't watch this all the way through. The humor--mostly about how much paperwork they had to do--was too bland to keep me interested what is...
Created by: Xebec, Victor Entertainment Inc., Sotsu Agency
Language: English subtitled / English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
Alternate Titles: Chikyű b˘ei kigy˘ Dai-Guard (Japan), Dai-Guard: Terrestrial Defense Corp
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Kentarou Itou ... Akagi Shunsuke
Akiko Hiramatsu ... Ibuki Momoi
Shinichir˘ Miki ... Aoyama Keichiro
Masashi Hirose ... Osugi
Kenichi Ono ... Special Agent Shirota
Takaya Hashi ... Okouchi
Michiko Neya ... Oyama
Yukari Tamura ... Tanigawa
Hiro Yuuki ... Sumida
Mayumi Shintani ... Rika Domeki
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Joey Hood ... Akagi Shunsuke
Lana Lesley ... Ibuki Momoi
Steve Metz ... Aoyama Keichiro
Mick D'Arcy ... Special Agent Shirota
Edwin Neal ... Oosugi
Christa Kimlicko-Jones ... Ooyama
Larissa Wolcott ... Tanigawa
Jennifer Haley ... Domeki
Guy Harvey ... Professor Shimizu
Martin Burke ... Sumida
Bill Wise ... Ookouchi
David R. Jarrott ... President Nishijima
Dempsey Darrow ... Director Matsuo
Produced by: L.B. Bartholomee
Executive Producers: John Ledford, Sharon Papa and Mark Williams
Musical Score by: Kenji Kawai and K˘hei Tanaka
Writing Credits: L.B. Bartholomee and Dan Dietz
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