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Creature Comforts (TV series)

Originally a one-off Aardman short in 1990, the concept of 'Creature Comforts' - stop-motion animals being voiced from unscripted interviews with everyday people - was revisited as a full-blown TV series starting in 2003. Whereas the original show concentrated on animals in a zoo setting, the TV series has various themes, including Christmas specials.

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creature comforts is a great aardman show by cats dogs birds fish snails bugs and pigs too the talking is great and stop motion is great and so the voice...
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Whereas I found the original 'Creature Comforts' feature (which itself evolved out of the 'Lip Synch' series in 1989) to be clever and mildly amusing, I always got the feeling...
Created by: Aardman
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
'The Great British Public' ... All voices
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