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Corpse Bride

Victor is suffering from an arranged marriage. His family, the Van Dorts, are wealthy but common and have decided to marry their son off to Victoria Everglot, whose family are aristocrats but currently dirt poor. The Van Dorts get title and respectability and the Everglots get a means to ease their financial woes. The painfully shy Victor, who has never met his prospective bride before, just gets more and more nervous.

Still, much to their surprise, Victor and Victoria find that they love each other upon meeting. At the rehersal dinner though, Victor is too nervous to get through his marriage vows and flees into the woods to practice. In his efforts to get his vows right for Victoria, he accidently marries himself off to the Corpse Bride.


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rated it:
When I need a sad film I watch this as I find the ending very sweet. Animation wise this is wonderful. I like the design of Victor looking like Johnny...
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rated it:
The other night, I showed ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ to my mum. She loved it. I then showed her ‘Corpse Bride,’ and she absolutely positively adored it. And frankly, I...
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rated it:
Beautiful, atmospheric, flowing stop-motion animation is what really comes to mind after watching this exquisitely crafted film. It's a lovely work of art. Animation-wise, there is no comparison to Burton's...
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rated it:
After viewing the movie a second and third time I HAVE to rewrite this review. I give this movie 4 stars just for the animation and visual aspect. The character designs...
Created by: Warner Bros., Vinton Studios
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
Johnny Depp ... Victor Van Dort
Helena Bonham-Carter ... The Corpse Bride
Emily Watson ... Victoria Everglot
Albert Finney ... Finnis Everglot
Joanna Lumley ... Maudeline Everglot
Richard E. Grant ... Barkis Bittern
Christopher Lee ... Pastor Galswell
Jane Horrocks ... Black Widow, Mrs. Plum
Enn Reitel ... Maggot, Town Crier
Michael Gough ... Elder Gutknecht
Danny Elfman ... Bonejangles
Deep Roy ... General Bonesapart
Tracey Ullman ... Nell Van Dort, Hildegarde
Paul Whitehouse ... William Van Dort, Mayhew, Paul the Head Waiter
Directed by: Tim Burton and Mike Johnson
Produced by: Tim Burton and Allison Abbate
Executive Producers: Jeffrey Auerbach
Musical Score by: Danny Elfman and Mike Adams
Based on: a Russian folk-tale
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The Tim Burton Collective: Corpse Bride -- info and the text of the Russian folk tale the movie is based on
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