animated series Corneil and Bernie © Millimages
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Corneil and Bernie

Corneil, a pampered dog, living the high life, has one big secret: he is highly intelligent to the point where he can not only talk, read and write; but understand things like poetry and the laws of physics. The only other one who knows this is his dog-sitter and best friend Bernie Barges, whose lack of integrity, morals or smarts lead Corneil to despair. Although their donít always see eye to eye the one thing they are both afraid of is that the outside world will find out about Corneilís talents, and that it would end up with him on a scientistís experiment table.

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rated it:
i used to like this show but it got boring and repetive and it seems like the cartoon was the same over and over again. but the animation was good...
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rated it:
An enjoyable, fun series that while never reaching the levels of true greatest, is nevertheless generally and consistently good. Most of this is due in no small part to the...
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rated it:
Not a classic show, but certainly enjoyable enough, with no major faults in the four or five episodes I've seen. Probably what cements it into 3 star territory for...
Created by: Millimages
Language: English dub / French
Country of Origin: France
Alternate Titles: Corneil et Bernie (France), Watch My Chops (UK)
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Keith Wickham ... Corneil
Ben Small ... Bernie Barges
Series Created by: Emmanuel Franck and Stephan Franck
Directed by: Albert Pereira-Lazaro
Executive Producers: Emmanuel Franck
Musical Score by: Dimitri Bodiansky and Nicholas Varley
profile by: starlac