animated movie Coonskin © Paramount Pictures
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'While waiting out his escape from prison, a man listens to an older prisoner tell the animated story of a rabbit, a bear, and a fox who rise to the top of the crime ranks in Harlem by getting rid of a black con man, a racist white cop, and the Godfather of the Mafia.' - From

'Coonskin' is at the same time a parody of 'Song of the South', and a satire of blaxpoitation films. Its director's most controversial film, it was quickly banned.

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"F**k You." That's the first line from Ralph Bakshi's third feature film. It then goes into the intro song, 'Walk on Nigger, Walk on' - lyrics by Bakshi, performed by...
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I had watched this film from Ralph Bakshi (Wizards, Hey Good Lookin'), one night ago on, and I didn't see anything racial - I am not...
Created by: Paramount Pictures
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Street Fight
Featuring the voices of:
Philip Michael Thomas ... Brother Rabbit
Barry White ... Brother Bear
Charles Gordone ... Preacher Fox
Al Lewis ... The Godfather
Ralph Bakshi ... Cop with megaphone
Directed by: Ralph Bakshi
Produced by: Albert S. Ruddy
Musical Score by: Chico Hamilton
Writing Credits: Ralph Bakshi
Based on: Uncle Remus stories, Song of the South

animated movie Coonskin © Paramount PicturesUpon its release, 'Coonskin' was seized upon by The Congress of Racial Equality as an exploitative movie, which led to its banning depsite the fact that the black group The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People actually supported its release. Ironically, 30 years on it has become a street, cult classic amongst the community it was supposed to offend. In fact according to Bakshi, Spike Lee is a big fan of the movie. Additionally more than a few Bakshi fans consider it is his best film. Equally ironically, both it and 'Song of the South' which it partially lampoons, are unavailable in their original form in the US. In the history of animation it is hard to think of a film which was more completely misconstrued on its release. The available version (retitled 'Street Fight') may be severely edited. Watch for the 100 min running time for the genuine article. The edited version is 83 mins.

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