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Cool World

Las Vegas 1945 And after a drunk couple crash into his motorbike when he is taking his mother on its maiden voyage, Frank Harris is catapulted into Cool World, home of the Doodles... 1992 Harris is a stringent law enforcer, upholding Cool World’s single law: absolute celibacy between noids (real life humans) and doodles; a rule that could have catastrophic consequences if broken. However Holli, a doodle, has become overly fascinated with her perverted view of reality based on the films of Marilyn Monroe that she has seen. Determined to get to the real world “were dreams come true.” She begins to bring Jack Deebs, a cartoonist who believes that he created Cool World and fresh out of prison for murder, into his fantasy world with the intention of seducing him.

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rated it:
I just saw that movie on YouTube yesterday and I thought it's an awesome live-action/animated film. I do admit, Ralph Bakshi is an artistic genius and this...
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rated it:
Cool World is entertaining, but "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is superior. Out of all Live-Action/Animated films made, "Roger Rabbit" was the only successful one finacially and critically, while "Cool World" put...
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rated it:
Now, I'm going to try to convince you not to watch this "film". Firstly, you have uncharismatic animated characters and poorly acting from the live action ones. Secondly, the story...
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rated it:
One of the biggest flops of 1992 and one of the worse animated films ever made. Dogged with multiple problems including script changes, antagonisms between stars and directors and director...
Created by: Paramount Pictures
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Kim Basinger ... Holli
Joey Camen ... Slash, Holli's door
Michael David Lally ... Sparks
Gregory Snegoff ... Bash
Candi Milo ... Lonette, Bob
Charles Adler ... Nails
Featuring live-action actors:
Gabriel Byrne ... Jack Deebs
Brad Pitt ... Detective Frank Harris
Directed by: Ralph Bakshi
Produced by: Frank Mancuso Jr.
Musical Score by: Mark Isham and Billy Duffy
Songs by: Marston Daley and Frank Nardiello
Writing Credits: Michael Grais and Mark Victor
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