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Comic Party

Taishi has a grand plan for cultural imperialism: he will conquer the world with a comic book! To be drawn and written by his friend, Kazuki, that is. Kazuki is dragged into the world of doujinshi (fan comics) conventions and, with frequent instruction from Taishi, he and the viewers are introduced to the art, joys and pitfalls of the amateur manga scene.

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This is an unusual anime. It feels like those shows that exist to advertise a game or toy, but instead of teaching you how to play Battlethugs or make your...
Created by: KSS
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
Alternate Title: Komikku Pātī (Japan)
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Masami Kikuchi ... Kazuki Sendou
Kouichi Toochika ... Taishi Kuhonbutsu
Riko Sayama ... Mizuki Takase
Kaoru Morota ... Yuu Inagawa
Shizuka Ishikawa ... Eimi Oba
Sumie Baba ... Chisa Tsukamoto
Mie Sonozaki ... Aya Hasebe
Kimiko Koyama ... Ikumi Tachikawa
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Jack Lingo ... Kazuki Sendou
Liam O'Brien ... Taishi Kuhonbutsu
Rachael Lillis ... Mizuki Takase
Georgette Reilly ... Yuu Inagawa
Zoe Fries ... Eimi Ohba
Lisa Ortiz ... Chisa Tsukamoto
Carol Jacobanis ... Aya Hasebe
Kerry Grant ... Ikumi Tachikawa
Directed by: Norihiko Sudo
Produced by: Shukichi Kanda, Takaro Asaga and Toshiaki Okuno
Musical Score by: Kazuo Nobuta
Writing Credits: Michiko Yokote, Hiroshi Yamaguchi and Shinzo Fujita
Animated by: Masao Nakada and Mima Yoshikawa
Based on: Video game by Leaf/ Aquaplus

animated series Comic Party © KSSAt last, the secret identity of Lord IlPalazzo from Excel Saga can be revealed! He is an older Taishi Kuhonbutsu!


1. Desire to conquer the world.
2. Preference to leave the work to underlings.
3. Tendency to make grandiose impromptu speeches.
4. General arrogance.
5. Comic Party originated as a 'get-girl' game, one of IlPalazzo's favorite pastimes.
6. Those little round yellow glasses. Seriously.

It can't be coincidence!

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