flash animation Colin Mochrie vs Jesus H. Christ © Too Much Spare Time
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Colin Mochrie vs Jesus H. Christ

When comedian Colin Mochrie (of 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' fame) is turned into a crazy Scotsman by alien invaders, his friends enlist the help of Jesus H. Christ. But things take a nasty turn when JHC takes over Animutopia - and only Colin can defeat him.

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Just by the title, I can see that you're probably thinking to yourself, "What moron would make such a flash with a title like that? And who the heck is...
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Cor how catchy lalala i am still singing it. The 1st part was wonderful though the animation was trippy. But did anybody else get a headache from sterovison. I liked the last...
Created by: Too Much Spare Time
Language: English
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Series Created by: Andrew Kepple

The series was made entirely without the permission or knowledge of the real Colin Mochrie. When a reader of the "Ask Colin" section of his website sent him a link to the series, Mochrie replied:

"It was very odd when I first saw the animutations. Obviously the animators are more than a little crazy, but I am very proud of my standing in the animutation arena and hope that some day I can make millions off of it."

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Albino Blacksheep: Colin Mochrie versus Jesus H. Christ -- Original three episodes hosted on Albino Blacksheep. Does not include the first anniversary remake of the original short.
Too Much Spare Time -- Official website of Too Much Spare Time
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