animated series Clone High © Nelvana
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Clone High

Back in the 80s, in a bid to make a superior genetic army, a secret part of the government made clones of famous people from the past. At the moment however, the clones are struggling through their teenage years at Clone High. Tales typically revolve around gangly good-hearted Abe Lincoln and his friends--goth girl, Joan of Arc, and hyperactive comedy relief, Gandhi. Abe has a serious crush on Cleopatra and would do anything to win her highly superficial love. This frequently puts him at odds with popular womanizing jock, JFK, and breaks the heart of Joan, who is nursing a crush of her own for Abe.

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Clone High is by far one of the funniest shows is history. The clones of famous historians (everyone from Abe Licon to Moses)lead very hilarious high school lives and of...
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Clone High is one of the funniest cartoon series I've seen from this decade. All of its characters are amusing. Of course I saw the whole series a while ago...
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Given how many positive things I'd heard about this series from various friends, I was genuinely surprised to learn that only 13 episodes of it were ever made. Despite the...
Created by: Nelvana
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Alternate Title: Clone High U.S.A (USA)
Featuring the voices of:
Will Forte ... Abe Lincoln, Narrator
Michael McDonald ... Gandhi
Nicole Sullivan ... Joan of Arc
Christa Miller ... Cleopatra
Chris Miller ... JFK, Vice Principal Mr. Butlertron
Phil Lord ... Principal Dr. Cinnamon J. Scudworth, Genghis Khan
Neil Flynn ... Julius Caesar
Andy Dick ... Mr. Sheepman
Mandy Moore ... Herself
Featuring guest appearances by:
Jack Black ... Pusher, Larry Hardcore
Zach Braff ... Paul Revere
Michael J. Fox ... Gandhi's Remaining Kidney
Tom Green ... Himself
Marilyn Manson ... Himself
Luke Perry ... Ponce de Leon
John Stamos ... Himself
Directed by: Ted Collyer and Harold Harris
Produced by: Kim Cleary
Executive Producers: Chris Miller, Phil Lord and Bill Lawrence
Writing Credits: Erica Rivinoja, Chris Miller, Phil Lord, Eric Kentoff, Judah Miller, Murray Miller and Tom Martin

animated series Clone High © NelvanaThe series sparked outrage in India over its portrayl of Gandhi as hyperactive party-guy. Gandhi is still much revered figure in India and on the January 30, 2003, the 55th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, approximately 150 protestors (including members of parliament) gathered in New Delhi. They vowed to fast in response to the series which led to MTV offering a quick apology, saying "Clone High was created and intended for an American audience," and, "We recognize and respect that various cultures may view this programming differently, and we regret any offense taken by the content in the show." -- source: Wikipedia

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