animated series Chobits © Clamp / Pioneer LDC / Tokyo Broadcasting System
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Chobits is set in a sort of parallel universe , where the only significant difference seems to be that personal computers are anthropomorphised and can take the shape of animals or more commonly humans. These are called 'persocoms'. Hideki would like one, but is far too poor. A naive farm boy from the country, he has just moved to Tokyo to attend prep school in hope of getting into college the next year. Soon after arriving he stumbles across what appears to be a broken, abandoned persocom lying in a pile of trash. When he activates her all she can say is her name, 'Chii', but it soon becomes clear that Chii might be one of a new breed of persocom - almost an urban legend: one which can run without an operating system; one which perhaps has a soul.

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All I could I say about this series, is that when I had heard the name it sounded like "hobbits" with a "c." Actually this great anime series,...
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I wouldn't really advice anyone to check out this series unless you are some animÚ freak. But then again, if you are an otaku, you probably know "Chobits" like the...
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Hmmm . . . Chobits. Such a great series (so far). I haven't seen much of it (only the first two discs), but I have read the manga in which...
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Chobits was, at first, a difficult series for me to watch. It's basically a romantic comedy with SF elements, but early on it was hard not to view it as...
Created by: Clamp, Pioneer LDC, Tokyo Broadcasting System
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Rie Tanaka ... Chii, Black Chii
Tomokazu Sugita ... Hideki
Tomokazu Seki ... Hiromu Shinbo
Motoko Kumai ... Sumomo
Houko Kuwashima ... Minoru Kokubunji
Fumiko Orikasa ... Yuzuki
Kikuko Inoue ... Chitose Hibiya
Megumi Toyoguchi ... Yumi Omura
Ry˘ka Yuzuki ... Takako Shimizu
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Crispin Freeman ... Hideki
Michelle Ruff ... Chii, Black Chii
Steven Blum ... Hiroyasu Ueda
Sandy Fox ... Sumomo
Wendee Lee ... Takako Shimizu
Julie Maddalena ... Yumi
Ruby Marlowe ... Chitose Hibiya
Mona Marshall ... Minoru Kokubunji
Tony Oliver ... Hiromu Shinbo
Doug Stone ... Yumi's Father
Karen Strassman ... Yuzuki
Kari Wahlgren ... Kotoko, Yumi Omura
Directed by: Morio Asaka
Writing Credits: Clamp
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