animated movie Chicken Run © Aardman
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Chicken Run

The egg-laying, prison-of-war camp existence on the Tweedy farm has become intolerable to the hens but Ginger, their plucky leader, is full of ideas to break them out... not always good ideas, but she's determined to find a way to escape before she and the other hens wind up as pies in Ms. Tweedy's new automated pie machine. When Rocky the Flying Rooster crash lands in their midst, Ginger sees the perfect plan--Rocky will teach them to fly out of there!

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rated it:
As they say, dying is easy and comedy is hard. Now take British comedy. That's even harder on American palettes. Chicken Run has a style of comedy which I could...
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When my uncle saw this film, he said he kept forgetting that he was watching clay chickens move. It was like he felt emotional attachment to these chickens trying...
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Chicken Run is a rather enjoyable movie. The characters are fairly interesting, and it has some great humor. Just the thought of how many hours were put into...
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A funnier film i have yet to see. this is a classic. not as funny as wallace and grommit, mind you, but it is a hilarious film. now, i'm...
Created by: Aardman
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / UK
Featuring the voices of:
Mel Gibson ... Rocky the Rooster
Julia Sawalha ... Ginger
Miranda Richardson ... Mrs. Tweedy
Tony Haygarth ... Mr. Tweedy
Jane Horrocks ... Babs
Imelda Staunton ... Bunty
Ben Whitrow ... Fowler
Lynn Ferguson ... Mac
Timothy Spall ... Nick
Phil Daniels ... Fetcher
Directed by: Peter Lord and Nick Park
Produced by: Peter Lord and Nick Park
Executive Producers: Jake Eberts, Michael Rose and David Sproxton
Writing Credits: Peter Lord, Nick Park, Karey Kirkpatrick and Jack Rosenthal
Art Directors: Tim Farrington

Chicken Run uses some of the most sophisticated puppets for its stop motion animation however because the head and limbs are the most expressive parts of the character's bodies, they're still made with old fashion plastercine. In fact, 7000 lbs of the stuff was used and abused in the making of this movie.

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