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Chicken Little

Chicken Little's troubles begin when he is rouses his town with the panicked cry of "THE SKY IS FALLING!" The town residents believe an acorn simply hit him on the head and Chicken Little is crushed when his father won't believe him either. A year later, the 'acorn incident' still lingers and just when Chicken Little starts to turn things around, the sky falls again... this time a chunk of it landing in his bedroom. Now Chicken Little must decide whether to keep his mouth shut about this crazy oddity or step up and save his town from an army of invading aliens...

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rated it:
Mark Dindal is hands down my favorite director. You might give other names, but to me, he's the best. I mean, he did Cat's Don't Dance! Of course, when I heard...
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rated it:
Here's some advice: DON"T EVEN TOUCH this movie. Horribly awful. Animation? Thrown together. I especially hated the Ugly Duckling. We at our house call it "The Movie that Almost Had...
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What a rip off. Ok, that would be if actually payed money to see this disaster. I'll try to keep my review short: DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE, it simply...
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If I could sum this movie up in a word, the word would be... meh. The visuals were interesting in as much as they had a certain style to them... sort...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Zach Braff ... Chicken Little
Joan Cusack ... Abby Mallard
Mark Dindal ... Morkubine Porcupine, Coach
Don Knotts ... Mayor Turkey Lurkey
Garry Marshall ... Buck Cluck (Chicken Little's father)
Amy Sedaris ... Foxy Loxy
Steve Zahn ... Runt
Dan Molina ... Fish Out of Water
Patrick Stewart ... Mr. Woolensworth
Wallace Shawn ... Principal Fetchit
Sean Elmore ... Kirby (Alien kid)
Evan Dunn ... Kirby (Alien kid)
Matthew Michael Josten ... Kirby (Alien kid)
Directed by: Mark Dindal
Musical Score by: John Debney
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