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Charlie the Unicorn

A grumpy unicorn named Charlie is reluctantly taken on a quest to find the legendary Candy Mountain.

lupercal's avatar
rated it:
It's 'Adventure Quest' with Brian from 'Family Guy' as the main character turned into a unciorn. But apart from that it's funny. Seriously, I didn't know what to make...
ZTC's avatar
rated it:
Charlie the Unicorn is a hoot! Yeah, sure; it is boring when you're in the right state of mind and want to get some serious business done over the Internet...
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rated it:
This is best when seen at 10:00 at night or later when you have had at least 1 and a half 12 ounce Mountain Dews. The second time you still...
Magnus's avatar
rated it:
Heh...you know, this one is strangely addicting. I think I've watched it ten times or more since I found out about it a week ago. I'll warn you: It's annoying....
Created by: FilmCow
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Directed by: Jason Steele
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