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Catdog is just your average cartoon about the adverserial love/hate relationship between a feline and canine - except that these two happen to be conjoined twins. Cat is one end, Dog is the other, and between them they have two sets of front legs. Cat is the suave, intelligent, long-suffering and somewhat bitter partner. Dog is his dopey, enthusiastic, and more loveable brother.

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Ah Catdog... A walk through the world of mediocre cartoons. While not a horrible cartoon, it's definitely not up there among the best. I remember it more because I...
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Catdog is a fun show. Good but not great. That could have been the extent of this review, if I hadn't accidentally begun having curious thoughts. The other day I...
Created by: Nickelodeon
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Jim Cummings ... Cat
Tom Kenny ... Dog, Cliff
Billy West ... Rancid Rabitt, Mr Sunshine, Randolph
Maria Bamford ... Shriek Dubois
Nika Futterman ... Lola Caricola (1999-2001)
John Kassir ... Dunglap, Mervis
Dwight Schultz ... Eddie the Squirrel
Carlos Alazraqui ... Winslow T. Oddfellow, Lube
Directed by: Russ Mooney
Executive Producers: Peter Hannan
Musical Score by: Dennis M. Hannigan and Craig Sharmat
Writing Credits: Steven Banks, Derek Drymon, Peter Hannan, Chris 'Casper' Kelly, Lance Khazei, Robert Lamoreaux, Sultan Pepper, Robert Porter, Rachel Powell, Andy Rheingold and Jon Ross
Animated by: Alan Smart

Episode count includes two un-aired episodes as of time of writing. 'Episodes' consist of two 11-minute segments.

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