short film Cat Soup © J.C. Staff
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Cat Soup

Nyaako the kitten dies, but her little brother Nyatta steals half her soul back. The two kittens make a perilous and surreal journey into the land of death to retrieve the second half.

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I've watched this anime short film several times on the popular video-streaming website YouTube and I actually like it, very much. Too bad that the original creator of the Nekojiru...
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This curious piece of animation can be used as a true example of what type of work can be separated of its original genre or even origin. Cat Soup! (Nekojiru-su...
Created by: J.C. Staff
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: Japan
Alternate Title: Nekojiru-so (Japan)
Directed by: Tatsuo Sato
Produced by: Yuji Matsukura
Writing Credits: Tatsuo Sato, Nekujiru and Masaaki Yuasa

short film Cat Soup © J.C. StaffThe film won an Excellence prize at the 2001 Japan Media Arts Festival.

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