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I really like the Casper movie very much. This series don't bring so many of the light-hearted black humor of the film, but it got it's "gray" humor. The characters...
Created by: Fox, Universal
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper
Featuring the voices of:
Malachi Pearson ... Casper
Dan Castellaneta ... Dr. Harvey
Kath Soucie ... Kat
Joe Nipote ... Stretch
Joe Alaskey ... Stinkie
Brad Garrett ... Fatso
Rob Paulsen ... Spooky
Directed by: Marija Miletic Dail
Executive Producers: Jeffrey A. Montgomery
Musical Score by: Michael Tavera, Harvey Cohen, Bruce Babcock, Charles Fernandez and Ron Grant
Writing Credits: Deanna Oliver, Alex Borstein, Sherri Stoner, Michael Merton, Scott Kreamer, Ken Koonce, Bob Claster, Sean Hogan, Chris Otsuki, Mark York and Steve Young (II)
Based on: Characters created by Joseph Oriolo.
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