animated movie Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation © Nelvana
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Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

After fleeing from the Demon Dark Heart, the remnants of an orphaned village of animals is saved by the Great Wishing Star, who proceeds to give them the power to spread love and happiness across the Earth. Soon after True Heart starts her first mission, heading to a summer camp, there she meets runaways Dawn and John, who feel like they are useless, and Brings them to Care-a-lot where they gain confidence in themselves while baby-sitting the cubs. Back on Earth Dark Heart strikes a deal with Christy, another girl down on her luck, to make her the camp champ for a return favor at a later date. The bears and cousin grow up and manage to thwart Dark Heartís attempt to defeat them, so he returns to Christy with to collect the favor. She must aid Dark Heart in the capturing of the Care Bear Family, thus allowing him to destroy all the caring in the world, forever.

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Well, the consensus so far seems to be, 'I'll give this 1.5, but look it up only if you're a CB fan'. Well it was on TV locally: I recorded...
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While the first care bears movie was cheesy, but surprisingly not that bad, this one is not nearly as good. First of all, continuity is thrown out the window as...
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Strange the things you search for, the things you miss because you no longer have them, but I searched high and low for a copy of this film for years,...
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Caught somewhere between Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer(awful) and My Little Pony: The Movie(decent) in terms of quality, Care Bears the Movie II is good for a really rainy...
Created by: Nelvana
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Canada
Featuring the voices of:
Hadley Kay ... Dark Heart
Chris Wiggins ... Great Wishing Star
Cree Summer ... Christy
Alyson Court ... Dawn
Michael Fantini ... John
Maxine Miller ... True Heart Bear
Pam Hyatt ... Noble Heart Horse
Billie Mae Richards ... Tender Heart Bear
Dan Hennessey ... Brave Heart Lion
Eva Almos ... Friend Bear
Bobby Dermer ... Grumpy Bear
Patricia Black ... Share Bear, Funshine Bear
Nonnie Griffin ... Harmony Bear
Jim Henshaw ... Bright Heart Raccoon
Melleny Brown ... Cheer Bear
Directed by: Dale Schott
Executive Producers: Jack Chijnacki, Carole MacGillvray, John Bohach, Harvey Levin and Paul Pressler
Musical Score by: Patricia Cullen
Songs by: Carol Parks and Dean Parks
Writing Credits: Peter Sauder

Plot wise, this film has next to nothing to do with the first film outside of the fact that it has the same main characters. The cousins are with the bears from the start, they all receive they tummy symbols at the same time and most of them start the film as baby cubs and suchlike.

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