animated series Captain Star © Nickelodeon / Harlech Television / Alliance Communications Corporation
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Captain Star

Captain Star and his crew of the Boiling Hell once traveled the galaxy, naming the planets he found after himself and then selling items to their inhabitants. Now, the Captain and his team are on the Nameless Planet at the edge of the known galaxy, patiently awaiting their orders.

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After digging up and watching the four episodes of this series that I have on VHS, I'm not sure I can bring myself to like it, but neither can I...
Created by: Nickelodeon, Harlech Television, Alliance Communications Corporation
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada / UK / Spain
Featuring the voices of:
Richard E. Grant ... Captain Star
Adrian Edmondson ... Atomic Engine Stoker ‘Limbs’ Jones
Denica Fairman ... First Officer Scarlette
Kerry Shale ... Navigator Black
Gary Martin ... Jim Bob-Bob
Produced by: Geraldine Easter
Musical Score by: John Du Prez
Writing Credits: David Finley, Phil Bedard and Larry Lalonde
Based on: The Cartoons by Steven Appleby.
profile by: starlac