animated cartoon Brother Bear II © Disney
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Brother Bear II

"The feature's storyline will center on Kenai (who, you may recall, has been transformed into a brown bear) as he travels the picturesque Pacific Northwest at the end of the Ice Age. During his adventures, he remains haunted by dreams of his previous life. As a human child, he befriended Nita, the daughter of a tribal elder. The pair's past friendship collides with the present as Kenai and Nita embark on a journey as bear and woman. Rutt and Tuke are also back for this adventure." --from

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rated it:
In case you're wondering, I gave the original 3.5. I thought it was Disney's last really good 2D movie. I'm afraid I can't repeat the trick with the sequel....
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rated it:
Well, I just finished watching it, and I will admit it: it's not that bad, but it's a beautifully-told story. (Although the basic plot sounds like a simple, cheesy story...
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rated it:
Brother Bear two spews so many movie rip offs and cheese it hurts the mind. I seriously could not sit through more three minutes without laughing at something. The plot...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Mandy Moore ... Nita
Jack Weber ... Young Kenai
Patrick Dempsey ... Kenai
Jeremy Suarez ... Koda
Dave Thomas ... Tuke
Rick Moranis ... Rutt
Michael Clarke Duncan ... Tug
Wanda Sykes ... Innoko
Catherine O'Hara ... Kata
Andrea Martin ... Anda
Wendie Malick ... Aunt Siqiniq
Kathy Najimy ... Aunt Taqqiq
Jim Cummings ... Bering, Chilkoot
Jessie Flower ... Young Nita
Directed by: Ben Gluck
Produced by: Carolyn Bates and Jim Ballantine
Musical Score by: Dave Metzger, Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil
Writing Credits: Rich Burns
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