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Bonus Stage

Joel and Phil, stars of the earlier series 'High Score', now live in a virtual reality created by Joel. Sharing their world are such characters as Joel's unrequited lover Elly; Phil's robot would-be girlfriend Rya Botkins; Treelor, the self-proclaimed God of Christmas; and an inept supervillain named Evil.

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This webtoon is hilarious and probably rivals a lot of what I've seen on television. This was the first webtoon I found aside from Homestar. My only complaints are from the...
Created by: Couch Slave Studios
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Matt Wilson ... Phil Argus, Joel Dawson, Elly Strife (up to episode 75)
Kagome Higurashi ... Elly Strife (episode 75 onwards)
Series Created by: Matt Wilson
Directed by: Matt Wilson
Musical Score by: Matt Wilson
Writing Credits: Matt Wilson
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YouTube: BSMattW -- View the series on YouTube
profile by: Neil