animated series Bob the Builder © HIT Entertainment PLC / HOT Animation Production
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Bob the Builder

'With their chorus of "Can we fix it?" "Yes, we can!" Bob and his crew of talking machines teach the value of teamwork, problem solving and achieving something by working together.

Bob the Builder is set in Bob's yard in the town of Bobsville. Bob and his gang of machines - Scoop the digger, Muck the bulldozer, Lofty the crane, Roley the steamroller and Dizzy the cement mixer - work together, laugh together, play together, quarrel and make up and just do their best to muddle through. Their world is imaginative and filled with fun and adventure - a unique world of construction mayhem and mud, that comes complete with modern gadgets like mobile phones, computers and faxes!'

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With its talking construction machinery, primary school demographic, and concentration on boyish themes (such as pouring cement or building houses), it seems to me that the UK's 'Bob the Builder'...
Created by: HIT Entertainment PLC, HOT Animation Production
Language: English / Welsh dubbed
Country of Origin: UK
Alternate Title: Bob Y Bildar (Wales)
Featuring the voices of:
Neil Morissey ... Bob, Lofty, Farmer Pickles
Kate Harbour ... Wendy, Dizzy, Mrs Potts
Rob Rackstraw ... Scoop, Muck, Roley, Travis, Spud
Rupert Degas ... Scrambler, Zoomer, Sandy Beach
Greg Poops ... Bob
Series Created by: Keith Chapman
Directed by: Sarah Ball, Brian Little and Liz Whitaker
Produced by: Jackie Cockle
Executive Producers: Kate Fawkes and Theresa Plummer-Andrews
Musical Score by: Paul K. Joyce
Writing Credits: Jimmy Hibbert and Chris Trengrove
Animated by: Paul Couvela
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