animated movie Blinky Bill © Yoram Gross
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Blinky Bill

' The film tells the story of Blinky Billís childhood with his animal friends in the bush. The peace and charm of their existence is shattered by the destruction of their homes by humans. Blinky Bill rallies his friends and, in a series of exciting adventures, rescues his mother from captivity.'

- From the producer's website

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Created by: Yoram Gross
Language: English
Country of Origin: Australia
Alternate Title: Blinky Bill The Mischievous Koala
Directed by: Yoram Gross
Produced by: Yoram Gross
Musical Score by: Guy Gross
Writing Credits: John Palmer, Yoram Gross and Leonard Lee
Based on: The stories by Dorothy Wall

Was made into a TV series in Australia in 1994, and ran for 3 seasons, all of which are available on DVD in the US.

Voice cast includes Robyn Moore and Keith Scott in uncredited roles.

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