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15yr old Ichigo Kurosaki can see dead people. As an average teenager, he views his talent to see ghosts and spirits as an annoyance until he meets the soul reaper, Rukia Kuchiki. She's a member of the Soul Society and her mission is to help souls find peace. When she shares her power with Ichigo, the two team up to protect his family and friends from dangerous spirits (Hollows) bent on stealing their souls. Unfortunately, the Soul Society has learned that Rukia has shared her powers with a human and they sentence her to death. It is up to Ichigo and his friends to enter the spirit world and save Rukia.

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Another anime that I've seen and liked since the mid-2000's is Bleach. Based on the manga series of the same name by Tite Kubo, the anime follows the adventures of...
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For such a violent series, it's rather odd that Bleach is such a pedestrian anime. Like one of those "spiky-haired dudes casting big powers" animes. . .but somehow worse. You'll...
Created by: TV Tokyo, Dentsu, Studio Pierrot Co. Ltd.
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Masakazu Morita ... Ichigo Kurosaki
Fumiko Orikasa ... Rukia Kuchiki
Yuki Matsuoka ... Orihime Inoue
Noriaki Sugiyama ... Ishida Uryu
Hiroki Yasumoto ... Yasutora Sado
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Johnny Yong Bosch ... Ichigo Kurosaki
Michelle Ruff ... Rukia Kuchiki
Stephanie Sheh ... Orihime Inoue
Derek Stephen Prince ... Ishida Uryu
Jamieson Price ... Yasutora Sado
Directed by: Wendee Lee and Noriyuki Abe
Writing Credits: Michiko Yokote, Tite Kubo, Masashi Sogo, Natsuko Takahashi and Genki Yoshimura
Based on: the manga by Tite Kubo
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