animated series Blazing Dragons © Nelvana
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Blazing Dragons

Set in the kingdom of Camehot where dragons are the knights of the Square Table, ruled over by the good King Allfire… Idealistic Flicker is the squire of Sir Loungelot, the bravest knight in all the kingdom, or so everyone believes. In reality he is a greedy, hypocritical self publicist who relies on the know-how and technical brilliance of his squire to get himself out of his pickles. The only one, apart from Flicker, to know this is Princess Flame, who wishes that Flicker wasn’t such a pushover.

Created by: Nelvana
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Featuring the voices of:
Richard Binsley ... Minstrel, Sir Blaze
Suzanne Coy ... Merle the Wizard
Jim Cummings ... Chancellor, King Allfire
Jill Frappier ... Mrs. Shambles
Edward Glen ... Flicker
Dan Hennessey ... Sir Hotbreath, Evil Knight 3
John Koensgen ... Count Geoffrey, Evil Knight 1
Stephanie Morgenstern ... Princess Flame
John Stocker ... Sir Burnevere, Evil Knight 2
Steven Sutcliffe ... Queen Griddle
Aron Tager ... King Allfire
Rick Waugh ... Cinder, Clinker, Sir Galahot
Scott Wentworth ... Sir Loungelot
Series Created by: Terry Jones
Directed by: Larry Jacobs
Musical Score by: David W. Shaw
Writing Credits: Hugh Duffy, Suzanne Bolch and John May
profile by: starlac