animated series Bimble's Bucket © FilmFair / Martin Gates Productions
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Bimble's Bucket

After saving a mysterious stranger trapped in a bog with a bucket on his head, Bimble receives the bucket as thanks. He soon finds out that the bucket is magic and will give him anything he wishes for (for twenty-four hours). However the bucket is also the object of desire of Dolly Clackhanger, the village’s exiled, vengeful witch in training; who wishes to use the bucket to gain the power to become a proper witch. Unbeknown to Dolly, her two new assistants, Bilge and Oiler, are servants of the glutinous Queen Kak, sent to spy on her to discern her power and threat. Bimble finds out that he was selected to receive the bucket, as he has been designated to be the guardian of Stiltsville and its wool, which is the source of all the world’s fairy tales.

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Created by: FilmFair, Martin Gates Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
Paul Panting ... Bimble
Ellie Beaven ... Teeny Weeny
Julia McKenzie ... Dolly Clackhanger, Queen Kak, Narrator
Gary Martin ... Sploot
Jonathon Kydd ... Mudge, Mr. Gallypot (1996)
Richard Tate ... Mudge, Mayor (1997)
Kate Robbins ... Oiler
Series Created by: Michael Jupp
Produced by: Martin Gates
Musical Score by: Chris Caswell

Bimble's Bucket's first series run of thirteen episodes were twenty-two minutes long, the second series episodes were cut to ten minutes in total length.

According to Mike Jupp's website: the idea for Bimble's Bucket was developed after Jupp adapted the story of "The Sword in the Stone" switching the sword for a bucket stuck on a wizard's head. Bimble rescues him from a swamp, receives the bucket and promptly loses it to the bad guys, who put holes in it, leaving Bimble to search for his "Holy Pail."

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Mike Jupp's Website -- Information about and artwork by Mike Jupp.
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