short film Billy's Balloon © Bitter Films
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Billy's Balloon

A child sits playing with a balloon, which proves to have a mind of its own...

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rated it:
it is a great short film. that balloon is awesome. my ratings four stars. I enjoy watching it. it is good because it makes me think about imagination. it...
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rated it:
The animation is pretty bad, and if I recall correctly it doesn't have any sound. OK, at least it's amusing (in the good way) to see balloons so very evil...
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rated it:
Ok, how to review this one. Again, it's a case of almost anything I write may spoil it - though not quite so much as was the case with...
Created by: Bitter Films
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: USA
Directed by: Don Hertzfeldt
Produced by: Don Hertzfeldt
Writing Credits: Don Hertzfeldt
Animated by: Don Hertzfeldt
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profile by: lupercal