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The Neitherworld is a wild, bizarre, vaguely creepy place which is home to "the ghost with the most", Beetlejuice (who could also be described as wild, bizarre and creepy). He's a totally unreliable kind of character who has occasionally been known to do the right thing--if absolutely necessary. The person who probably brings out the best in Beetlejuice's nature would be his best friend Lydia, a level-headed, gothic-loving girl from the world of the living. Saying his name three times, Lydia's able to call up Beetlejuice's powers and go to the Neitherworld or bring Beetlejuice into her world. Together, with ghostly cohorts like Jacques, Ginger and the Monster from across the street, they have many crazy adventures in the ghoulish, upside-down place that is the Neitherworld.

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I don't remember much about the movie that Beetlejuice is based on, but I do remember watching this show a lot when I was younger. Looking back, it's no where...
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The Beetlejuice character it's a great character, but you only see him about 15 minutes in his entire movie. Although I do love the movie "Beetlejuice", I never forgive Tim...
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I'm going to lower the average a little. This show wasn't bad, but it had a few problems. First, it really wasn't connected to the movie directly, Lydia and Beetlejuice...
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Cartoons I remeber from my childhood the most. Ghostbusters, Gummi Bears, Talespin, Chip and Dale, Tiny toons....BEETLEJUICE! I loved Beetlejuice. I remeber I had a dress when I was 6,...
Created by: Nelvana
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Featuring the voices of:
Stephen Ouimette ... Beetlejuice
Alyson Court ... Lydia Deitz
Roger Dunn ... Charles Deitz
Elizabeth Hanna ... Delia Deitz
Tara Strong ... Clare Brewster, Bertha
Executive Producers: Tim Burton and David Geffen
Theme Music by: Danny Elfman
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