animated cartoon Bartok the Magnificent © Don Bluth / Fox
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Bartok the Magnificent

On the streets of Moscow, Bartok is making his way as a performer telling of all the mighty deeds that he, Bartok the Magnificent, has done--slaying dragons, plucking griffins, chasing out harpies and so on. It is all pure fabrication of course, including the heroic cap to his performance where he defeats a mighty bear which is actually his good friend and partner, Zozi. Nonetheless, when young Prince Ivan is kidnapped the people are in need of a hero and send for the mighty Bartok the Magnificent. Now Bartok must prove that there's actually a heroic heart in that tiny bat body as he ventures into the Iron Forest in search of the grumpy old witch, Baba Yaga.

see also: Anastasia
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rated it:
As much as I loved Anastasia, this movie was very poor. It's not that interesting and it misleads people into thinking this is about Anastasia. With poor plots and a...
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rated it:
This film has a, to quote Bugs Bunny: "iiinnnteerresssting" history. This is the only "sequel" to one of Don Bluth's films that DON BLUTH himself actually directed. I've got to say I...
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Um, a sequel to Anastasia? No way? And it's actually good? OMG, it's true! Yes, thanks to the recent 2-disc release of Anastasia (which now includes this film in its entirety on...
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This is a rather nice sequel to Anastasia,with Bartok,Rasputin's bat servant,as its star. Bartok proves to be as likeable in this as he was in Anastasia. Zozi is a fun sidekick,Baba...
Created by: Don Bluth, Fox
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Hank Azaria ... Bartok
Kelsey Grammer ... Zozi
Andrea Martin ... Baba Yaga
Catherine O'Hara ... Ludmilla
Tim Curry ... The Skull
Jennifer Tilly ... Piloff
French Stewart ... Oble
Phillip Van Dyke ... Prince Ivan
Diedrich Bader ... Vol, the Prince's Guard
Directed by: Don Bluth and Gary Goldman
Produced by: Don Bluth and Gary Goldman
Executive Producers: Lori Foster
Musical Score by: Stephen Flaherty
Writing Credits: Jay Lacopo
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