holiday animation Barbie in the Nutcracker © Mainframe Entertainment
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Barbie in the Nutcracker

Barbie tells Kelly the story of a little nutcracker given to a kind and clever girl named Clara. Even though the Nutcracker is only made of wood and not much to look at, Clara loves him dearly and holds him in her arms as she falls asleep under the Christmas tree. Her pleasant dreams are interrupted by the invasion of the Mouse King and his army. Clara's Nutcracker valiantly tries to defend her but in the battle the Mouse King shrinks Clara down to no taller than a mouse. Now Clara and the Nutcracker, who was also been cursed by the Mouse King's magic, must go in search of the Sugar Plum Princess--the only person who can set things right.

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Okay, I remember Barbie from my younger years - the dolls, the dream houses, the accessories of clothes and cars, and so on. But this new Barbie franchise really amazing. "Barbie...
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Over the years I have seen many different movie renditions of the Nutcracker story and those tales tend to fall into two categories--either ballet people doing the ballet with lots...
Created by: Mainframe Entertainment
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Featuring the voices of:
Kelly Sheridan ... Barbie / Clara
Kirby Morrow ... Nutcracker / Prince Eric
Tim Curry ... Mouse King
Peter Kelamis ... Pimm
Christopher Gaze ... Major Mint
Ian James Corlett ... Captain Candy
French Tickner ... Grandfather Drosselmeyer
Kathleen Barr ... Aunt Drosselmeyer, Owl
Chantal Strand ... Kelly
Cathy Weseluck ... Maid
Alex Doduk ... Tommy
Danny McKinnon ... Gingerbread Boy
Britt McKilipp ... Peppermint Girl
Directed by: Owen Hurley
Executive Producers: Rob Hudnut and Ian Pearson
Writing Credits: Rob Hudnut, Linda Engelsiepen and Hilary Hinkle
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