animated series Bananaman © 101 Productions / Bananaman Productions Ltd.
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Eric lives a quiet life at 49 Acacia Road; quiet that is until he hears the call of action. Then he eats a banana and turns into Bananaman, Earthís most powerful fruit-based superhero. Assisted by his friend, the bright Crow, Bananaman defends Earth from nefarious villains.

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rated it:
Ridiculous. The main character itself it's a pastiche of Captain Marvel and Popeye trying to satirize Batman. Annoying. And ridiculous. The plots are five minutes of boring stuff: someone needs help...
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I canít and wonít defend this, because to me there is nothing defendable about this show. Based on the Dandy comics (from the same team who made the Beano) that...
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England produced some great cartoons in the 80's. IMO, this wasn't one of them. Whereas 'Danger Mouse' was proudly British, this one was sort of cringingly English - which is...
Created by: 101 Productions, Bananaman Productions Ltd.
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
Tim Brooke-Taylor ... Narrator, King Zorg of the Nurks, Aunty, Appleman
Graeme Garden ... Bananaman, General Blight
Bill Oddie ... Eric, Crow, Chief O'Reilly, Henry the Nurk, Dr. Gloom, The Weatherman
Jill Shilling ... Fiona, Samantha, Mother Nurk
Directed by: Terry Ward
Produced by: Trevor Bond
Musical Score by: Dave Cooke
Songs by: Bill Oddie
Based on: Characters appearing in the Dandy comics
profile by: starlac