animated cartoon Balto II: Wolf Quest © Universal
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Balto II: Wolf Quest

The movie picks up where Balto leaves off and Balto and Jenna are the proud parents of six puppies. Five of the puppies have their mother's husky looks, but the sixth, Aleu, looks even more wolfish than her father. When puppy adoption day arrives Aleu is the only puppy left behind and her parents decide not to tell her it is because she looks like a wolf. Aleu goes to live with her father on Balto's boat, but when he is forced to tell her the reason no human wanted her, she runs away.

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[NOTE: This is a re-vamped review, as my opinions over time have changed since the previous review that was posted nearly 10 years ago. Be warned, this will get lengthy. Also,...
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(P.S. Spoils ahead) Balto 2 : Wolf Quest, has a distinct honor when it comes to any animated film that has been made. The reason is…for being controversial, not in the...
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My Personal Likes: 1. This film refers to native American spirituality and "shamanistic" mystical things in a consistent and adds spice and specialty into this film. I like the idea of...
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It's not a surprise that the Balto sequels have been the source of the increasing debate amongst the Balto fans. Either you hate it or you love it, Wolf's Quest...
Created by: Universal
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Maurice LaMarche ... Balto
Jodi Benson ... Jenna
Lacey Chabert ... Aleu
David Carradine ... Nava the Wolf Shaman
Mark Hamill ... Niju
Charles Fleischer ... Boris
Peter MacNicol ... Muru
Rob Paulsen ... Terrier, Sumac, Wolverine 2
Nicolette Little ... Dingo
Melanie Spore ... Saba
Kevin Schon ... Muc, Luc, Wolverine 1
Joe Alaskey ... Hunter, Nuk
Moné Walton ... Aniu
Mary Kay Bergman ... Fox, Wolverine 3
Jeff Bennett ... Yak
Directed by: Phil Weinstein
Produced by: Phil Weinstein
Musical Score by: Michele Brourman and Amanda McBrown
Writing Credits: Dev Ross
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