animated movie Balto © Amblin
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In the heart of Alaska, buried deep in the jagged white north, there is a town called Nome. There, the sled dog was a very cherished mode of transportation and each year the people cheered on the fastest sled dog team. Balto would have given anything to be on a sled team but he was caught between two worlds being half dog and half wolf. He would also have given anything to be near the beautiful husky, Jenna, but neither seemed likely in a town that feared and hated him. When Jenna's keeper, a little girl named Rosy, falls sick along with so many other children in the town, the only way to save them is to send a sled team to retrieve a desperately needed supply of medicine from a town 600 miles away. Nome puts together a sled team of its fastest dogs with Steele, a husky who was as nasty as he was strong, as the lead dog. When the sled team disappears in the Alaskan wilderness, Balto may be Nome's only hope.

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In General; The movie was OK - a great film for kids - no doubt about it, and it was heartwarming. What I didn't like In General : While parts of...
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In the world of the arts, ever art form as it's main examples of excellent. Music as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, architecture as The Eiffel Tower, and animation...
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Balto Is The Greatest Film About Balto, A Half Wolf And Half Dog Who Raced Across Alaska. The Music Were Beautiful, Including Reach For The Light By Steve Winwood. Kevin...
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Balto was one of the first furry animations I watched. The movie came completely out of the blue for me, I wasn't even aware it had even been in cinemas....
Created by: Amblin
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Kevin Bacon ... Balto
Bob Hoskins ... Boris
Bridget Fonda ... Jenna
Jim Cummings ... Steele
Phil Collins ... Muk and Luk
Jack Angel ... Nikki
Danny Mann ... Kaltag
Robbie Rist ... Star
Juliette Brewer ... Rosy
Sandra Dickinson ... Sylvie, Dixie, Rosy's mother
Directed by: Simon Wells
Produced by: Steve Hickner
Musical Score by: James Horner
Songs by: Barry Mann
Writing Credits: David Steven Cohen, Elana Lesser, Cliff Ruby and Roger S.H. Schulman
Supervising / Directing Animators: James Baxter, Fabio Lignini, William Salazar and Kristof Serrand
Based on: the true story of Balto

animated movie Balto © AmblinThe statue that the grandmother and little girl look for in the brief live-action portion of the movie is real, just as the story of Balto is based in reality. My sister took this picture on her trip to New York where the statue stands proudly in Central Park, a testament to a dog and his team that beat impossible odds to save the people of Nome.

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