short film Balance © GHK Kassel / HBK Hamburg
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Upon a floating platform a group of men fish into the abyss. The men are very aware of the fact that platform is not stable and they must constantly cooperate to evenly distribute their weight and prevent the platform from tipping anyone off. This harmonious existence is broken when one of the men catches a heavy trunk on his fishing line which turns out to be a music box. As only one person can hear the music box at a time, a struggle ensues as to who has the right to it--a struggle that permanently unbalances their precarious existence.

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The animation could be more fluent, but BALANCE is such a great little film that you can forget about this flaw almsot immediatly. I love the films minimalistic setting, it's...
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I can't believe nobody has written a review of "Balance". Since I am the first I'll explain what it is about: SPOILERS: A group of people live on a floating platform, where...
Created by: GHK Kassel, HBK Hamburg
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: Germany
Directed by: Christoph Lauenstein and Wolfgang Lauenstein
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