flash animation Badger Badger Badger © Weebl's Stuff
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Badger Badger Badger

Badgers, and lots of them. Mushrooms, too. What more can be said?

It's the Flash animation that caused a sensation...

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Errrmmm... Really, there's not much to write here. It's a catchy little song that makes no sense but is a little bit cute and funny in its own right. Somebody made...
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This is the little repetitive short that could. It's pretty funny, the animation was smooth and decent, and its so (censored) catchy it will drive you crazy. I find myself...
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This is a great one to send to someone if you want their kids or younger siblings to follow them around the house all day going "badger badger badger badger"....
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It's the Flash animation that caused a sensation... Itís also Flash that really makes me wish that the package had stayed as a web-editing tool: rather than the one used to...
Created by: Weebl's Stuff
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Alternate Titles: Badgers, Weebl's Gabba Badgers
Directed by: Jonti Picking
Songs by: Jonti Picking
Animated by: Jonti Picking

flash animation Badger Badger Badger © Weebl's StuffThe cartoon prove immensely popular and spawned several derivative animations, by Jonti Picking and others. These include versions themed around Halloween, Christmas, the 2004 UEFA Football Championship and Harry Potter.

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profile by: Neil