animated movie Babar: The Movie © Nelvana / Ellipse
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Babar: The Movie

After Babar's children take part in the Cellesteville's annual Victory Parade, Babar tells his children the story of how the parade got its name. When he was a boy, on one of his first days as King, his friend Celleste ran into the Palace saying Rataxes, King of the Rhinos, was attacking villages and kidnapping elephants. When Babar's army gets bogged down in bureaucratic nonesense, Babar learns one of the important lessons about being King--if you want something done, sometimes you have to do it yourself.

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this movie is better then the cartoon which is rare. the story is good and barbar never looked better.i just wish this movie was longer and the animation was top...
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Fans of the television series will find this chapter of Babar to contain a bit more adventure and peril for our favourite elephant. The film has a bit of "Indiana...
Created by: Nelvana, Ellipse
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada / France
Featuring the voices of:
Gavin Magrath ... Young Babar
Gordon Pinsent ... King Babar
Sarah Polley ... young Celeste
Elizabeth Hanna ... Queen Celeste
Stephen Ouimette ... Pompadour
Chris Wiggins ... Cornelius
John Stocker ... Zephir
Charles Kerr ... Rataxes
Directed by: Alan Bunce
Songs by: Maribeth Solomon, Phil Balsam, Kevan Staples, Marvin Dolgay and Carol Pope
Writing Credits: John DeKlain, Raymond Jafelice, Peter Sauder and J.D. Smith
Based on: the "Babar" books by Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff
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