animated movie Bébé's Kids © Hyperion Pictures / The Hudlin Brothers
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Bébé's Kids

In a rundown bar, Robin Harris recounts what happened to him when he agreed to take Jamika and her son Leon to Fun World, thinking he has the perfect chance to seduce her with his charms. What he never counted on was Jamika bringing her friend Bébé's three chaos causing kids - Kahill, LaShawn and baby Pee-Wee - along for the ride. Sure enough the three cause untold trouble and damage as they run amuck across the theme park, as well as creating stress for the hapless Robin.

Created by: Hyperion Pictures, The Hudlin Brothers
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Faizon Love ... Robin Harris
Vanessa Bell Calloway ... Jamika
Wayne Collins Jr. ... Leon
Jonell Green ... LaShawn
Marques Houston ... Kahill
Myra J. ... Dorothea
Nell Carter ... Vivian
Tone Loc ... Pee-Wee
Directed by: Bruce W. Smith
Executive Producers: Reginald Hudlin and Warrington Hudlin
Musical Score by: John Barnes
Writing Credits: Reginald Hudlin
Based on: a comedy routine by stand-up Robin Harris.

The film is book-ended with live-action scenes taken from Harris’s stand-up routine from which the feature was based. Harris died prior to the film’s production, but the film’s creators kept the idea going, changing it into an animated comedy.

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