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Azur and Asmar

Once upon a time there were two children nursed by the same woman, Jénane. Azur, a blond, blue-eyed son of a noblewoman and Asmar, the dark skinned and dark-eyed child of the nurse. She enraptures them with a tale from her homeland of the Djinn-fairy waiting to be released from her chamber by a good and heroic prince.

The nurse raises the two together and Azur and Asmar become as close as brothers. But this kinship could not last as Azur's father cruelly separates them, banishing Jénane and Asmar from his home and sending Azur away to another city for schooling under a personal tutor.

Years later, Azur is haunted by memories of the legendary Djinn-fairy, and takes it upon himself to journey all the way to Asmar's homeland to seek it out. There he discovers that Jénane has since become a successful merchant, while Asmar is now a member of the Royal Guard. However, Asmar also longs to find the Djinn-fairy, and only one of the two youths can be successful in their quest.

Created by: Mac Guff
Language: English dub / French
Country of Origin: France / Belgium / Spain / Italy
Alternate Titles: Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest (UK), Azur et Asmar (France)
[ French ] Featuring the voices of:
Cyril Mourali ... Azur
Karim M'Riba ... Asmar
Hiam Abbass ... Jénane
Patrick Timsit ... Crapoux
Rayan Mahjoub ... Azur enfant
Abdelsselem Ben Amar ... Asmar enfant
Fatma Ben Khell ... La Princesse Chamsous Sabah
Thissa d'Avila Bensalah ... La Fée des djinns
Sofia Boutella ... La Fée des elfes
Olivier Claverie ... Le Sage Yadoa
Jacques Pater ... Le Père
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Steven Kynman ... Azur
Nigel Pilkington ... Asmar
Suzanna Nour ... Jénane
Nigel Lambert ... Crapoux
Leopold Benedict ... Azur enfant
Freddie Benedict ... Asmar enfant
Imogen Bailey ... La Princesse Chamsous Sabah
Emma Tate ... La Fée des djinns
Sean Barrett ... Le Sage Yadoa
Keith Wickham ... Le Père
Directed by: Michel Ocelot
Executive Producers: Christophe Rossignon and Ève Machuel
Musical Score by: Gabriel Yared
Writing Credits: Michel Ocelot
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