animated movie Asterix in America © Extrafilm / Fox Pathé Europa
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Asterix in America

During one of the customary brawls in the Gaulish village, the supply of magic potion is spilled, and the Romans capture Getafix the druid before any more can be brewed. Taking him to their galley at the edge of the world, they catapault him into space, however he lands in America. Asterix and Obelix follow and soon find themselves pitted against an American medicine man, who has his own designs on the potion recipe.

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Quite funny with good animation. Asterix is catapulted of the side of the world and finds himself in america!!!Unfortunately, it doesn't all go well because there is an evil personplotting...
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Another 5 year gap brought us this 1994 movie, the latest of the animated Asterix films so far. I'd like to say it was an improvement over the dismal 'Big...
Created by: Extrafilm, Fox Pathé Europa
Language: English / French
Country of Origin: France / Germany
Alternate Titles: Asterix Conquers America, Asterix in Amerika
[ French ] Featuring the voices of:
Roger Carel ... Asterix
Pierre Tornade ... Obelix
Featuring the voices of:
Craig Charles ... Asterix
Howard Lew Lewis ... Obelix
Geoffrey Bayldon ... Getafix
Henry McGee ... Caeser
Christopher Biggins ... Lucullus
Directed by: Gerhard Hahn
Produced by: Jürgen Wohlrabe
Musical Score by: Harold Faltermeyer
Writing Credits: Thomas Platt and Rhett Rooster
Animated by: Bill Speers

The first Asterix movie to be filmed in English, then later dubbed in French.

At the time of writing, this is the latest Asterix animated cartoon, but an eighth, 'Asterix and the Vikings' is due for release in 2006, meaning a 12 year gap. It is supposed to have the largest budget of any European animated film ever made.

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