animated movie Asterix and the Vikings © A.Film / M6
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Asterix and the Vikings

A group of fearless Vikings travel to Asterix’s village to discover the meaning of this fear that allows villagers they attack to flee them. Unfortunately, the Gaulish tribe fear only one thing: that the sky will fall on their heads. That’s until they discover Vitalstatistix’s cowardly nephew Justforkix. Hoping to learn from him, the Vikings abduct the boy, and it falls to Asterix and Obelix to travel to Norway to rescue him.

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First I would like to say that I think the study of ancient civilizations are quite fascinating. And that is why enjoy reading the Asterix comics, and...
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I've never seen any of the previous Asterix and Obelix films so I didn't really know what to expect from it, but it was pretty funny. The animation was...
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To tell you the truth, I'm not a FAN of foreign-animated films. Why? Because English dubs of these films don't follow the original script and put some American humor in...
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I hadn't hight hopes for this one. After all, it came after "Asterix in America", the weakest link in the chain so far. So why expect more of this...
Created by: A.Film, M6
Language: English / French
Country of Origin: France / Denmark
Alternate Title: Astérix et les Vikings (France)
[ French ] Featuring the voices of:
Roger Carel ... Astérix, Idéfix
Lorànt Deutsch ... Goudurix
Sara Forestier ... Abba
Jacques Frantz ... Obélix
Pierre Palmade ... Cryptograf
Pierre Tchernia ... Le narrateur
Bernard Alane ... Assuracetourix
Directed by: Stefan Fjeldmark and Jesper Møller
Writing Credits: Stefan Fjeldmark and Jean-Luc Goossens
Based on: Graphic novel

At the time of writing (Feb 2005) this movie has the biggest ever budget of any European animated film.

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