animated movie Asterix Vs Caeser © Darguad / Les Productions René Goscinny / Gaumont International
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Asterix Vs Caeser

Obelix falls in love with the beautiful Falbala, but is too shy to confess his passion. He is emotionally crushed when he finds out she is already in love with the good-looking Tragicomix. Meanwhile, both she and Tragicomix are kidnapped by the Romans, and taken, we suspect to Africa. Obelix and Asterix immediately decide to join the foreign legion and set out in pursuit.

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After a nine year gap, this is the fourth Asterix movie, and the first since the death of Rene Goscinny - and it's a pleasant surprise. Finally, against expectations, the...
Created by: Darguad, Les Productions René Goscinny, Gaumont International
Language: English dub / French
Country of Origin: France / Belgium
Alternate Title: Astérix et la surprise de César (France)
[ French ] Featuring the voices of:
Roger Carel ... Asterix
Pierre Tornade ... Obelix
Serge Sauvion ... Caeser
Henri Labussière ... Panoramix
Pierre Mondy ... Caius
Roger Lumont ... Briseradius
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Jack Beaber ... Asterix
Bill Kearns ... Obelix
Allen Wenger ... Caius
Gordon Heath ... Caeser
Robert Barr ... Getafix
Patrick Floershem ... Dubious Status
Directed by: Gaetan Brizzi and Paul Brizzi
Produced by: Yannik Piel
Musical Score by: Vladimir Cosma
Songs by: Vladimir Cosma and Plastique Bertrand
Writing Credits: Pierre Tchernia
Based on: Graphic novels 'Asterix the Legionary' & 'Asterix the Gladiator' by Rene Goscinny & Albert Uderzo

The fourth Asterix movie.

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