flash animation Arj and Poopy © unknown
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Arj and Poopy

Comedian Arj Barker and Flash animator Bernard Derrimen team up to bring us a cartoon series about the uneventful lives of Arj and his cat Poopy.

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rated it:
Remember, I adjust my reviews depending on the medium. I assume a DTV is worse than a feature. I assume a flash is worse than either. So 2.5 for a...
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Animation quality is excellent, sound isn't bad. There's an occasional joke that I do get a chuckle out of, but it's usually drowned out by poor follow up attempts and...
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Good animation. The writing is sub-par, though. I mean it held my interest, but the payoffs were generally disappointing. On a whole it was kind of boring, which is one...
Created by: unknown
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Australia
Featuring the voices of:
Arj Barker ... Arj
Johnny Brennan ... Bouncy
Series Created by: Bernard Derriman and Arj Barker
Directed by: Bernard Derriman
Writing Credits: Arj Barker

The episode "Unlucky in Love" was picked for AWN.com's 2007 "Best of the Web" showcase.

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