animated movie Appleseed © Arcangelo Entertainment
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War has all but destroyed this future world and it is all the expert soldier, Deunan, has ever known. She is however plucked from the battlefield ruins and brought to the utopian refuge of Olympus. There, she is reunited with her former lover and comrade-in-arms, Briareos, whose grave injuries forced him to become part-cyborg.

In Olympus, humanity's last survivors now live in peaceful co-existence with bioroids--sophisticated human clones--who make up half of city's population. Lacking humanity's volitile emotions, bioroids are meant to serve as a balancing factor to ensure peace and harmony for everyone.

It isn't long however before Deunan begins to see the cracks in the utopian facade and realize that all is not that peaceful between the humans and the bioroids...

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rated it:
A somewhat baffling mixture of Mocap, CGI and either 2D or CGI which is supposed to look like 2D - read the synopsis for the, er, well, synopsis - this...
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rated it:
I suppose an average score is sufficient for this movie. The story was not wasn't great, but it was good enough to hold my interest. However it gets a...
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rated it:
If youre looking for a masterpiece or a work of art, look elsewhere because Appleseed it's not by any chance one of them. Instead it's a really, really good action...
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rated it:
This is one of those that if I hadn't been watching it for the purposes of profiling and review for Keyframe I don't think I would've watched past the 45...
Created by: Arcangelo Entertainment
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
Alternate Title: Appurushdo (Japan)
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Ai Kobayashi ... Deunan
Jrta Kosugi ... Briareos
Yuki Matsuoka ... Hitomi
Yuzuru Fujimoto ... Uranus
Takehito Koyasu ... Hades
Mami Koyama ... Athena
Toshiyuki Morikawa ... Yoshitsune
Miho Yamada ... Nike
Tadahisa Saizen ... Kudoh
Emi Shinohara ... Dr. Gilliam
Tomoko Kawakami ... Young Deunan
Tetsu Inada ... Leyton
Ryji Nakagi ... 1st Elder Electryon
Fumio Matsuoka ... 2nd Elder Oeonus
Hirotake Nagata ... 3rd Elder Cadmus
Michihiko Kuwagaki ... 4th Elder Glaucus
Yoshiyuki Kaneko ... 5th Elder Deucalion
Ikuo Nishikawa ... 6th Elder Hestia
Takehiro Koyama ... 7th Elder Laius
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Jennifer Proud ... Deunan Knute
James Lyon ... Briareos
Mia Bradly ... Hitomi
Directed by: Shinji Aramaki
Produced by: Naoko Watanabe and Hidenori Ueki
Executive Producers: Sumiji Miyake
Musical Score by: Tetsuya Takahashi
Writing Credits: Haruka Handa and Tsutomu Kamishiro
Based on: the comic by Masamune Shirow

animated movie Appleseed © Arcangelo EntertainmentIs it 2D or is it 3D? I probably could've listed this one either way. "Appleseed" is among a growing number of hybrid films that are creating the appearance of 2D animation using 3D tools and software. The models are created and animated, (or motion-captured), in 3D software similar to that used for films like Toy Story or Final Fantasy, however a 'toonshader' filter is then used to give the characters the illusion of being created using traditional, cel-drawn 2D animation.

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