holiday animation Annabelle's Wish © Ralph Edwards Films / Baer Animation
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Annabelle's Wish

Children aren't the only ones visited on Christmas Eve by Santa Claus--the animals of the world receive a visit too and Santa's gift to them is the ability to talk for one day a year. This has great significance for Annabelle, the very special calf born on Christmas Eve. She is full of dreams of flying like Santa's reindeer and full of love for her best friend, a young boy named Billy, who lost his voice in a traumatic fire many years ago...

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rated it:
this was such an adorable movie. a great christmas classic for children and the young who still dream big. even if your a teenager and grown, tis is still a...
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rated it:
Wow. What to say? This is just a charming movie, perfect for any season and not just for Christmas. The film has a great storyline and the characters are so adorable...
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rated it:
This film teaches a lesson and keeps you entertained while doing it. I really enjoyed it and Randy Travis's voice was great as a narrator....
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rated it:
This was actually a fairly cute movie. The characters were nice and juicy, the animation was soft on the eyes and the music was rather pleasent. It's a film to see...
Created by: Ralph Edwards Films, Baer Animation
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Randy Travis ... Narrator / adult Billy
Kath Soucie ... young Annabelle
Jerry Van Dyke ... Grandpa Baker
Cloris Leachman ... Aunt Agnes
Kay E. Kuter ... Santa
Jim Varney ... Gus Holder
James Lafferty ... Buster
Charlie Gronin ... Bucky
Aria Noelle Curzon ... Emily
Jennifer Darling ... Star
Rue McClanahan ... Scarlett
Jerry Houser ... Slim
Steven Mackall ... Owliver
Brian Cummings ... Brewster
Hari Oziol ... young Billy
Beth Nielson Chapman ... adult Annabelle
Directed by: Roy Wilson
Executive Producers: Barbara Dunn-Leonard and Gary Edwards
Musical Score by: Steve Dorff
Writing Credits: Barbara Dunn-Leonard, Gary Edwards, John Bettis, Jane Baer, Ken Blackwell, John Couch, Bruce Faulk, Kathy Grover, Riki Hobin, Jay Johnson, Jamie Barton Klein, George Larrimore, John Lewis and Sheryl Scarborugh
Based on: the short story by Dan Henderson
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