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Animator vs. Animation

An animator's plans to torture his Flash stick-figure 'victim' go awry when the character decides to fight back. It is a battle of epic proportions as to who will control the animation window.

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rated it:
wow I never realized it was made in the mid 2000s wow writing this review makes me want to watch it again rellay my ratings five stars a crazy and...
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Ha, I love this short. It is purely funny, and I really wish I could have this as a game. Its wonderfully animated, and the sound seems to fit real well....
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HERE BE DRA...I MEAN, SPOILERS What can I say? It's an instant classic. Very clever, you can at least give it that. If you're familiar with the tools of Flash, you will...
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rated it:
This is a very funny short, especially for anyone who's ever worked in Flash. The animation is simple, just stick figures, but it's done very well and is smooth....
Created by: unknown
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: USA
Directed by: Alan Becker
Writing Credits: Alan Becker
Animated by: Alan Becker
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Atom Films: "Animator vs. Animation" -- watch this short online
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